Sunday, 26 July 2015

Schools out for Summer

Summer on vinyl

James Bay Chaos and the Calm

Blur Parklife 

Other music I've been listening to at the moment is the britpop mix on Youtube in mainly consists of Oasis and The Verve, its one of my favourites. Last week I went shopping and was going to buy the Oasis LP vinyl, "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" but at the time I didn't know many of there songs. I've left a link to the CD version as I couldn't find the vinyl on the hmv website.

A few days after we went for a Sunday drive through the Dales and got lost. We went in convoy from a wonderful farm shop to a cheese factory in the Dales. The whole journey was on twisty country lanes, I was sat in our mini in the back with my Dad and Grandma listening to my Dad's music. I didn't really mind being lost in fact it was really quite fun we had Oasis and The Rolling Stones blaring through the speakers and were looking out the window at the sheep and rolling hills and rocky cliffs of the countryside. 

The other day our photography teacher left us with some homework to do in the holidays. The homework was to take around 20 images and present them in a way that enhances the photographs. They showed us some examples, one person presented the images on little brown tags. We were told that person got an A*, for those of you who don't know what that is well its pretty much full marks. 
So this is where you come in I will start a new page on my blog of images that I want to use but I need you to help me decide on which ones to use and give me some ideas.

Summer Plans

Things that are going on this Summer include festivals, holidays and glamping by the sea.

The festival we are going to isn't one of the coolest ones, its not like Glastonbury or Reading/Leeds. Its Carfest a festival lead by Chris Evans a popular radio host from our parents day. Never the less we have been going for the past 3/4 years ever since it started. Last year the music was great we squeezed our way to the front row to see Tom Odell perform in the rain. Scouting for Girls performed that year too but we didn't manage to get as good of a place, luckily the weather had improved though. This year the music I can't say isn't as good because I haven't been yet, its on Saturday, but the acts don't include any one that we have heard of. Well thats not true Texas of whom are performing this year, came in Carfest's early years so we have heard of them. What I mean is this year there is no one we want to get front row at or to scream their song as loud as we can. Having said this i'm sure we will have a good time. Lets just hope for good weather.

Glamping by the sea well thats post camping at the coast with my sister and Grandma. We did this last year and it was great fun, even the year before that with the whole family but that time it was in a small hamlet in the country with a little village green, a corner shop of which was not in the corner but sat quietly next to the green and a pub where we spent some of our weekend in simply because there was no where to go easily and there was not much exploring to do. Apart from evening strolls along the country roads as the sun was setting. It was jolly good fun.

Those two adventures I mentioned above start this Saturday and end on Thursday and from then on until the last week of Summer we have nothing planned.

The plans for the last week of Summer include spending most of our days wizing down the rapids and cycling everywhere we go. This final holiday happens to be the place we go every year and honestly think will never get tried of. We have been going ever since we were born. Our parents even went together with my Grandma and Grandad when they were just boyfriend and girlfriend. So its no wonder we got picked at random one afternoon whilst strolling back to our lodge to be an extra in their advert. May I just add we never did get shown instead they used a fly-over shot of the pool rather than one with us in. They never gave us a reason why but it may have been how when they said act normal my sister and I went to the area of where the camera was and whilst swimming flapped our arms in the air and just messed about really. Center parcs is where we are going for that last week.

For those of you who haven't seen my photography project, the one I just mentioned I needed a bit of help with well I shall put some of my favourites here. The may not be the best composition or anything like that because that's where you come in to help me. Just my favourites.

Do you like my new blog template?

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

My Little Road Trip Box

My Little Box

One of my surprise birthday presents was a three month subscription to My Little Box, it was something that I had seen online and had really liked the look of. So I asked if I could have it for my birthday. I quickly forgot about it and patiently waited till the morning of the 10th of July to see what I had kindly been given.

To my surprise I found a flat present, a wrapped piece of paper, inside was a lovely note telling me that for the next three months I will receive a box from My Little Box. I was so happy, I could not believe it  and I'm still very surprised that I have just opened the July 2015 Road Trip Box.

If you don't know how it works, My Little Box is a monthly subscription service. Inside each box is a mixture of beauty products and fashion and lifestyle accessories. The box also includes their own magazine called My Little World which tells you a bit about some of the products and sometimes a discount code for a website. This wonder also contains beautiful drawings throughout by Kanako.

Fun fact about me, I don't wear make-up. So when I saw My Little Box had beauty products inside, I
wasn't sure if I was excited to try the make-up or whether I would just have to give them away to my sister. This months box didn't come any beauty products I did not want. There was a pink essie nail varnish called, "Bottle Service" it is a bright pink colour which looks slightly better in person than online. A Garnier cleansing water, I presume this is the smaller size for traveling as that is the theme with this box. It is described as an all-in-one cleanser to lift away dirt from your skin which sounds very good to me, I'll look forward to using that soon.

The final beauty related product is a small packet of gold temporary tattoos which first reminded me of the one you would get with your friends where you wet the back then peeled off the paper (I remember getting a spiderman one in a bag of sweets) you know the ones? I mean that in the best possible way because they remind me of when I was little and I can't wait to use them at the festivals we are going to in the summer. The edgy gold designs really caught my eye and I hope they will last all day long.

The lifestyle products included a small material bag with pink stars and My Little Box on the bag, a travel organiser with sections for things like you purse and passport that are beautifully drawn onto the organiser, a cute little postcard envelope that you can write holiday memories in to post to a friend and a fancy bic biro with a stylus at the end and a shiny silver pattern on the pen.

This next product will be useful for the next month or so as on Wednesday we officially finish for the summer holidays. It's an aftersun called,"Summer Sorbet" from My Little Box's beauty company called My Little beauty. I personally think it smells of sweet strawberries, a sort of strawberry ice-cream smell which is perfect for summer.Each My Litte Box costs £11 plus £3.95 delivery costs.

Have you ever been on a road trip?

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Happy Birthday, to Me.

Friday 10th July 2015

Little bit of a different blog post this week but I just thought I'd share a few of the things i've been up to recently.

Friday was my birthday, it was a school day and I was wearing a badge. This meant that almost every person who walked past us said, "Happy Birthday" my tutor group even sung to me.

After school we went to the cinema then went to Nando's for tea. I had the veggie burger and pinched some of Dad's chips. We went to Krispy Kreme for pudding but I didn't get anything.

For my birthday I got two wonderful lush vouchers, a pandora necklace, a fancy bag and a coat. Everything I got was so nice and I can't wait to use soon.

My family kindly gave me money which I use to buy a record player with. I got a blue and white crosley record player from hmv as well as a James Bay vinyl. The vinyl's are so fun and they sound really good.

I was going to spend some of the lush vouchers but I decided to save them for the next time I go shopping as I had to carry the heavy record player round with me.

Last Christmas I got a lush voucher but it was a plain black design with the logo on. I have to say these two are much prettier than my first one.

As soon as we got home from shopping, we set up the record player. It was fairly simple to do there was a space at the back for the plug and a piece of material about the size of a single 45 record. The material was to place under where the vinyl went - I wasn't quite sure what it was for though. Once it was set up Mum told me some things about the vinyl's like: if you get lots of dust on the vinyl it will get stuck in the needle and try not to touch the vinyl so you don't scratch it.

What is your favourite song/album?

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