Sunday, 28 June 2015

My Little Organic Vegetable Patch

Eleven weeks ago, April 10th. Mum and I went to a garden center, bought 4 strawberry plants and a big raspberry plant which we split up and spread along the edge of the vegetable patch. We also bought a small rhubarb plant to go next to the strawberries. Mum had a few old strawberry plants which in previous years the birds had got to before us, unfortunately. So we moved them into our vegetable patch and so far the birds haven't got them. Some of the strawberries have little green strawberries coming from the center of the flowers and others have white flowers and are creating new shoots that will spread out and grow into more strawberry plants.

We also have two types of peas and a sweet pea flower that grows up bamboo sticks. The sweet pea's have very nice white flowers with the exception of a tiny little red flower. The flowers with the green stripes on are the peas and you can see pods starting to grow if you look closely. There are four bamboo sticks  that are secured with gardeners string to form a strong structure that the peas and sweet peas will grow up, they also add some interesting height to the garden as well as saving us some space in our small 6 by 10 foot vegetable patch.
These lovely, "Oriental Spicy Leaves" were gifted to Mum after they were won in a raffle but were not wanted. Same goes with the Cabbage that you can see in the boxes in the picture below this. One of Mum's birthday presents this year was a personalised grow your own salad box. The gift contained all that you needed to grow a variety of different salads; one of them being the oriental spicy leaves. Mum planted them on the 30th May but despite the packets of seeds saying they would .take 3 weeks to grow, well ours haven't. Although they shouldn't be far off as she planted them just about 1 month ago.

Aubergine, Leek, Garlic, Spinach and Sage are the newer additions to the vegetable patch and theylook as if they are doing quite well. The garlic was added because we had found a clove of garlic in the cupboard that had started to grow a shoot. Mum also said it is quite an easy plant to grow. We separated the leeks into a line next to the peas. Aubergine was added a few weeks ago after we had been unsuccessful with 3 courgettes plants that died. Not exactly sure why but if anyone knows feel free to comment. One of the second things we bought was Lemon Balm and Sage. I chose Sage so we could use it in our cooking and Lemon Balm well not for any reason in particular just because it smelt nice at the garden center.

Have you ever grown your own fruit or vegetables?

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