Sunday, 18 October 2015

Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Some of the Fun Things From My Week

Music: Whether it was on the bus at full volume on the way to school; whilst writing this blog post or during photoshoots at school, music has been occurring a lot lately. From Hozier to Halsey, My Chemical Romance and Blur. The choices have been endless thanks to the new earphones I kindly received. Fancy a listen?

Photography.  Halsey - Drive, this one is a great tune for long journeys and has inspired some of the pictures that I'm using in my photography exam. These first few photographs were not taken by me, but of me. Captured by my talented sister, who's idea it was to take the pictures like this. She was inspired by similar images on the internet. Kate used a bright hard light with thick red tissue paper over the top, it was precarious and shot in the school corridors because the studio was in use. Not at all glamorous, with this particular shoot being in a double lesson it meant half way through there would be a flood of students walking past us. Halsey - Hold Me Down, this song is one of Halsey's classics that came from her first ep Room 93. Halsey - Colours, when you listen to this imagine it, all the colours, painted in my photography book. That's what I've done, the starting point of the exam that I chose was called, 'Here and Now'. I chose it because out of the seven or eight there was to choose from this one gave me the most freedom. Halsey - Young God, this one is fitting because I had the opportunity and creative freedom to pretty much do as I pleased, with in reason of course. So I quickly got to work painting my passions and capturing the world around me. For the Here side of the exam I was going for 19th century mugshots and trying to display the lives of the people who were less privileged than myself. Also showing that these people in history that have shaped our past, that they exist. This is because the people examining my work may have forgotten the lives of those who came long before them. As for the Now I've gone for a more modern and colourful tumblr song lyrics approach like the photographs here. All of the inspirational images come from pinterest and instagram for now, but I haven't seen tumblrs offerings yet so some might come from there later in the exam. Credit for anything that isn't mine of course goes to the original owner/ photographer.

Hidden Gems. Center Parcs the annual adventure into the woods. This year I took my camera, I've only just looked through them and here are some of my favourites. Halsey - Strange Love, have a listen to one of my favourite songs to go with these different photographs. The second one was a portrait photo but they always look better landscape, so if you really want it the other way round - just turn your head and look at it. Halsey - Is There Somewhere, because I couldn't care less if you think I should have turned that picture around and it's a song that doesn't seem to care. as well as a very good song, Well Done Halsey!

Badlands. It's been one of the biggest inspirations for my mocks, photography, the mood, themes, the emotion and all of it. Take a look.

"Hello, and I'm sorry
A salutation and a farewell
I don't have much time

This Times New Roman is going to fly from my fingertips like a plague of moths
The hollow black letter shells crunched into the ground like the skin of a cicada
This is all that's left, and you can do whatever you want with it
Keep it to yourself or let it serve as a warning

This city is disgusting; a corpse of what it used to be
The people are filthy, gluttonous
Ruled by the power exchange of sex from the hands of the proletariat to the bourgeoisie
The tops of the skylines buzz with the lacklustre enthusiasm
The ground level is caked in dirt and rust and grime
And the people that dwell there wake and rub the filmy layer off their lukewarm eyes

There are some here I love
Some who fear me
And some who wish I was dead

I didn't ask for this
No one asks for this
You're born into it
You grow up oblivious and sheltered
And one day the evil realities of this place hit you square between the eyes like a perfectly aimed bullet

If this were a movie
I would ride off in some blood red sunset down a stretch of desert road into the wasteland that keeps us captive here
But this isn't a movie

These are the BADLANDS...."

More photoshoots coming your way, soon.

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