Sunday, 12 July 2015

Happy Birthday, to Me.

Friday 10th July 2015

Little bit of a different blog post this week but I just thought I'd share a few of the things i've been up to recently.

Friday was my birthday, it was a school day and I was wearing a badge. This meant that almost every person who walked past us said, "Happy Birthday" my tutor group even sung to me.

After school we went to the cinema then went to Nando's for tea. I had the veggie burger and pinched some of Dad's chips. We went to Krispy Kreme for pudding but I didn't get anything.

For my birthday I got two wonderful lush vouchers, a pandora necklace, a fancy bag and a coat. Everything I got was so nice and I can't wait to use soon.

My family kindly gave me money which I use to buy a record player with. I got a blue and white crosley record player from hmv as well as a James Bay vinyl. The vinyl's are so fun and they sound really good.

I was going to spend some of the lush vouchers but I decided to save them for the next time I go shopping as I had to carry the heavy record player round with me.

Last Christmas I got a lush voucher but it was a plain black design with the logo on. I have to say these two are much prettier than my first one.

As soon as we got home from shopping, we set up the record player. It was fairly simple to do there was a space at the back for the plug and a piece of material about the size of a single 45 record. The material was to place under where the vinyl went - I wasn't quite sure what it was for though. Once it was set up Mum told me some things about the vinyl's like: if you get lots of dust on the vinyl it will get stuck in the needle and try not to touch the vinyl so you don't scratch it.

What is your favourite song/album?

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