Photography Project

The other day our photography teacher left us with some homework to do in the holidays.

The homework was to take around 20 images and present them in a way that enhances the photographs. Although you can take more than that.

So this is where you come in.

On this page are images that I would like to use but I need you to help me decide on which ones to use and maybe help me with some ideas of how to present them, if you'd like to?

Image 1

This set of images were taken yesterday 23.07.15 at Newby Hall, we went there for the day and I took my camera along with me.

This was the outcome.

Presentation Idea's

I came up with an idea of how to present my project.

Idea 1

I was thinking to print out the pictures as small as possible but so they are still visible and throw them on a table. To then take one picture of the photographs on the table,without changing how they look, and print that image as big as possible. Display the large image and hang the originals in various ways, using mixed media's like tape, blue tack or even stabbing pencil holes through them and attaching them around the large image. I'm thinking A3 size and maybe onto a piece of wood or stone.

Idea 2

Another idea I had was to print out the photos and write song lyrics that link to each photo on the back. I was going to cover the back in card to mount it and get rid of the writing/ printing brand that comes on the photo.

Eg, first line of Oasis all around the world on back of dark bus stop photo.

Free to be what I........ Oasis whatever on a photo that may not be great in a portfolio in terms of composition and skill just one you really like.

Step our summer times in bloom. On a new by hall photo if can't find any thing better oasis don't look back in anger.

And so Sally can wait, or, take me to the place where you go where know body knows. (Don't look back in anger  by oasis) on a picture with Kate smiling in the country.

First line of oasis stand by me on any food pic especially if taken on a Sunday. I've got a lot to learn, from same song if not a great picture.

Idea 3

Take pictures that represent the poems in english then mount them with a title of the poem or a quote from the poem and put either a second quote or song lyric on the back. Hang with string like a bunting or like a book with the title of the poem anthology of the front, find out this online or on first day back.

Image 2: Giving you real stuff to look at.

Image 3

Image 4

Tropical World is where these steamy shots were taken, but don't get to excited by steamy I mean the butterfly habitats were hot resulting in my lens steaming up. Do get excited for the cute butterflies and fancy fish though.

Image 5

Carfest 2015 was so much fun and here is the best of it. 
Some funny faces, famous beings and every photo in between.

Image 6 Seaside Holidays

The other week Kate, Grandma and I went on the annual Glamping holiday and this is what happened. 


Image 7

This set of photographs include the images taken over a joyous three day photoshoot. Consisting of outfit changes in different locations, though in the same tiny village and a few hair changes. You will see Kate's marvelous blue hair, bleach london out of the blue, magically transform into the beauty of a mint-choc chip colour.  

There is also an element of surprise as the images taken with a timer, so that to to of us could be pictured together, were filmed as well as captured which resulted in the wonderful video you see below. This one has to be my favourite set so far.

Taken in a tiny village with a tiny sunset. Pure beauty.

a. Day One

b. Day Two

Kate and I returned to the little old abandoned school, its a really cute litte spot because you can look closely and unpick the lives of the school children by looking at what was there schhol. Like on the first day where I was standing for the first few pictures there was a small drain pipe in the flooring so we guessed it was a small toilet near the cloakroom, there was a lovely unchanged orange tiles.

We also found ruins of the building up where we guessed was the playground. This was from the clues we were walking on the stoney ground the the children may have once played hop-scotch or football and little running races.

In such an old village you wouldn't think graffiti would be welcome but I have to say this piece is very nice every time we visit Kate checks it out and I photograph her there. Until she realised there was quite a large spider in its web feasting on a big bright, striped wasp.

Fear not, as the yellow flowers are weeds and flourish throughout the village along the streams and in the nooks and crannies like our historic school.

Our little hidden gem (I say hidden but it's not really true as we found multiple nerf gun bullets, for those of you unaware of what a nerf gun is it is simply a toy gun that children play with, and a wall of graffiti. I think these thing are a little part of modern history brought to the old ruins of the school) of a location is kept this way because of all the nature. 

The entrance is covered in nettles with the path laid by the concrete of the school. To the left of the pedestrian entrance is a large metal gate that leads on to a driveway but it must have been the entrance for the staff and children.      


A Change Of Location Is In The Air.

With a hop on the bus, after buying baguettes and pastries for yet another early lunch; we had arrived in town. A mere three hours early for Kate's magical transformation (just a casual dye, cut, wash and blow dry at the salon, but that was a mouthful and really much of a pretty sentence. Okay I say casual but it was from blue to brown so maybe not, oh well.) 

The start of this is when we found ourselves in the park under the sun listening to music and loking at the mornings images. 

Time Flies

Its now around 2:30 we are fifteen minutes early which well put Kate is a lot better than three hours early. Posing outside a local manor house is what you see here. That bag Kate was holding was to carry her phone and purse as we didn't think we were coming into town. I then used it to put my rubbish in it from lunch so it looks more like a bin bag. Ooops but I suppose if we knew then we would have brought a more aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

c. Evening Shoot 

We set off at 8:09pm just after watching the sun drop behind the hill in a matter of seconds. This was so nice to watch and I was very happy because it wasn't cold outside just nice and warm, though not too hot. We trailed my long dress and Kate's trendy shoes down to some steps next to a beautiful cluster of the old houses that were here many moons ago. On the footpath through the village we were met by a couple walking the same path, so we styled it out by walking to the nearest cul-de-sac. Sneaky.

For these I am leaving in the not so nice ones and some that have stayed mostly the same compared to the photo before it. I'm doing this to really give you a sense of what goes on and the different shots you have to try out as well as the ones that don't really make sense so that it has more character and gives you more to look at. To explore a bit more into things be it our historic lives or the beauty of the village we have chosen to live it in. Have fun and who knows what you might find.

The photographs of the Lady in the white dress were taken by Kate but one could not leave them out, they are a vital part of the shoot and are therefore staying.

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