Sunday, 14 June 2015

Photography Inspiration

I wasn't quite sure what to post this week but I did a Photo shoot for school and needed some inspiration.

Kate has recently changed her theme and it looks great.

Cartier's "Paris Nouvelle Vague" collection
Cartier's "Paris Nouvelle Vague" collection
Carin Olsson's blog,Paris in Four Months, is wonderful. She lives in Paris as a photographer. Her photo's are really nice and the text is great. This is one of the photo's from her Exquisite Delights post. She was photographing Cartier's latest collection "Paris Nouvelle Vague".

Blue Palace hotel Elounda Crete Greece review 38 
Blue Palace hotel Elounda Crete Greece review 17
Amy Spencer's blog, The Little Magpie, is colourful and filled with lovely pictures. She is from Scotland but this photo was from a wonderful hotel in Greece. The post is A Stay at the Blue Palace its a very blue post with pretty dresses, tasty looking food and lovely pictures of the hotel.

Who is your inspiration?

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