Sunday, 20 September 2015

Definitely Mightbe

Oasis, Definitely Mightbe, Tribute Band

To celebrate my new found love for the band Oasis and the 20th anniversary of, "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" being released; Dad and I went to see a Definitely Mightbe concert.

This was a great thing to do, not only because the were brilliant and that both Dad and I really wanted to see Oasis but never did. It was because that Monday we had just gone back to school! So knowing that I was going to see one of my favourite bands ,tribute act, live at the end of the week was great.

I found out that they were performing after looking online at the local concert venue and ringing Dad, whilst he was at work screaming with excitement. It was only just tonight on the 25th August that we booked tickets so lets hope for as near as the front as we can. Though if that just isn't on the cards then no worries, my camera has an excellent zoom as you found out from Carfest last month.

They performed the whole, "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" album and a second full set of greatest hits. That is what I'm most excited for as I don't know the whole album, but let's not make that get us down or enjoy it any less. Remember the music at Carfest I didn't know much of it and still managed to have a great time. I even came back from a shopping trip with two of the vinyl's from the festival. But bad news, my Texas album doesn't work despite taking it back, twice! Hopefully we can get my money back and maybe get some of the Oasis vinyl's, that would be lovely. I ended up getting the money back so let's see what the next shopping trip is like.

After they had played the whole, "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" album there was a break for half an hour. I spent this time taking pictures of the venue and saving our front row space. We were directly in front of the speakers so we could feel the music beating against us. My camera's microphone might not be the best for concerts because it makes a loud clicking noise in the video when the sound is too loud. That's something I always forget when I film these video's but out of all the songs I managed to find one that was acceptable. Champagne Supernova.

When they came back on they played a few of the hits together. Once they had finished the guitarist was the only person left on stage, he sung the slower songs with an acoustic guitar and a spotlight on him. Looking back on the loud noise filming situation this would have been a good time to film the band as it was a quieter but the songs weren't as good as the song with the full group.

The show finished with an encore of Cigarettes and Alcohol, my favourite song, it was great and none of us wanted it to end. We walked back to the car at quarter to eleven, Dad parked in a multi-story car park with large windows up the stairs and a gap in the wall to look out of next to the car. It was a great night topped with great food and views.

Who you you want to see live?

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