Monday, 21 December 2015


Just realised how cool it'd be to be a freelance photographer as a career. Great, it's really fun and I'm fairly good at it. Well that's just my opinion, I got good results on my recent photography project though; so maybe some other people agree with me?

With photography there's so much freedom. 

It's not just a quick snap or a favourite family photo.

There's so much skill to it, crafting art with every press of the shutter.

With every smile brings improvement.

Constantly evolving into so much more.

Not only developing negatives but stories and letting people be seen.

Video's too; with a click of that red button,

 As if like magic the movement captured, 

Now being more than a blurred shutter speed, or waves of light,

This is our art form.

Here to stay.

To be shared, 

To be loved,

Bringing wonder to those who find it. 

Enjoy the freedom your camera brings.

Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it, if not have a wonderful New Years.

May 2016 bring joy and love to you all. 

Joyfully Light 
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