Sunday, 16 August 2015

Monday's Madness

Shopping Spree

On Monday Kate and I went to a shopping center armed with the last of our birthday money and heading to the sales. 

First shop was Adidas but we didn't get anything, just looked round at the new colourful sporty gear. I liked the bright purple tie dye tracksuit and the pastel pink tops.

We then found our way to waterstones and looked for three different books but I couldn't find any of them. After that we went to Victoria's Secret and sprayed ourselves with the Love Me Eau de Parfum it looks so cool and smells so good.

Urban Outfitters was up next and we went straight to photo booth. £4 for three strips of four photos great deal to me, you also get a code so that you can save the photos and share them online. It's so much fun, they even record it so you can see more of what you were doing. Like pulling crazy faces then laughing at the pictures. We also checked out the vinyls as they have a few more modern ones but there but there way more expensive than HMV where I usually get them from. Do you have a record player, if so where do you get your vinyls from?

Here are some of the best ones from the times we have taken pictures in the photobooth. Each time we go to Urban Outfitters we tend to go and use the photobooth, sometimes we even go twice. Usually because we don't know which filter to use as I prefer colour and Kate prefers the black and white one. Although we are yet to use the sepia filter, but who knows that might be the next one we choose? 

Speaking of HMV that is where we found ourselves after eating an early lunch of homemade sandwiches, as well as listening to a lovely violinist play who we thought might have gone to our school. Turns out she might have done as she got the same train home as us. We also sat there wondering whether to give her any money as we could see a stranger talking to her for a while, though it was obvious all she wanted to do was play her music in peace. I decided that I would give her some money when we walked past but I then realised that I didn't have any change.

In HMV I got lucky and found two, two vinyls that I really liked. One was Texas's new album "25" and the other Andreya Triana's album "Giants". After buying them I realised they were both from Carfest and I was very lucky to see them perform live only a few weekends ago. 

So far I have only listened to the first side of the Giants album but I can't wait to hear the rest of it as Andreya's voice is amazing. Texas's vinyl remains untouched as I was to busy listening to Giant's but I am also very excited for it, as it has pretty much all of my favourite song on  and more that I am yet to discover. 

After HMV we went to Lush and I could not wait. Ever since my birthday I have been saving my vouchers for when the new Summer range came out but to us lushies I we just knew it as the New Oxford Street products that were coming to the rest off the stores. Anyway whatever you want to call it I was saving my Lush vouchers for: The Experimenter a crazy hexagon shaped rainbow of a bath bomb; Yoga bomb, bath bomb, a glittery orange sphere to froth up and relax the mind and finally the Intergalactic bath bomb a minty ball of blue, pink, yellow and... glitter! Woo everyone's favourite. Okay maybe not everyone's favorite but it does look good. Unfortunately Yoga bomb was the only one left from my list but as well as that I also picked up a Dragon's Egg bath bomb. Oh and I couldn't resist a copy of the new catalogue so that I could check out all the new products that were coming to the stores.

The last place we went to was Holister and oh I do love this shop. There was a small sale towards the back of the shop where I found a lovely white maxi dress for only £14.99. Bargain! The dress is white lace and flows gently all the way down to my ankles with tiny buttons down the front. It also has a cut out in the front down the legs and a fancy criss-cross back. One of my new favourites. Perfect for taking pictures and wearing after a day at the pool in a few weeks at Center Parcs.

Fancy a look at the dress on from a casual Tuesday photoshoot? I think you do, here you go.

When was the last time you bagged a bargain?

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