Sunday, 30 August 2015

Things That Made Me Smile This Week :-)

The Little Fun Things From My Week

Around four months ago, I did one of these and it was a fun post to do having all the things I liked in one place. Great idea! It was also quite popular too so I thought I would do another one. Enjoy.

Sunny weather, it's great but we haven't been getting much of it before now. Apart from that one week in May you know that one that reaches a sweltering 30 degrees; you're in uniform and there's absolutely no wind in the air so opening the window does nothing. The concentration levels are on the floor and the only thing we want to do is go outside. So now the school chat is out of the way we can enjoy the three day streak of sun. Okay over the whole summer we do get more than three days of sun but a maximum of three in a row, otherwise the rain and winter weather gets bored so decides to come and play. Oh well those days of sun were wonderful.

Photography and the many photoshoots I have been having at the moment with Kate. Thanks to the project we have been set but we tend to just take pictures as an excuse to get out of the house rather than just sitting doing nothing all day. Again the sun I just mentioned looks great in the day, it looks even better though at night/evening/sunset especially when it's still warm outside after the sun has set.
Photographing everything from the sea to the stately homes comes with its challenges like getting the camera to focus or making sure you have a good composition, even the time you take to capture a photograph is measured. Too little and the quality is scrutinised but too long and you'll find the others around you giving you odd looks or trying get you to hurry up. Those pictures tend to turn out better and if you get cool photographs out of it who cares what other people think.

My Camera, I absolutely love it. It was by far the best thing I have received all year. My camera is a Canon PowerShot SX510 HS with Wi-Fi enabled and a 4.3-129.0 mm 1:3.4-5.8 lens. It has a 30x optical zoom with full HD video. Those two things come in hand at festivals for getting close up pictures and video's of the acts. I use a 16 GB SanDisk SD card which comes in handy for the photoshoots where we take 200+ photos, I recommend doing that so you can capture the moment and the feeling of what was happening. My camera has a Movie Digest function where it takes a clip, short video, with each photo and joins them together to make a summary of each day. Genious.

One....... Direction........ Drag.............Me............Down, okay i'm to the biggest directioner and haven't been to see them like Kate has but she shows me most/ all of the news and new songs. This, Friday, morning I was watching the morning news program whilst eating my breakfast they said they would be playing the video, turns out Kate found the HD video on youtube so we watched it there. I'm glad we did that too as the one on tv was just a tiny clip and was not the best quality. Great video at NASA looked fun.

Oldie world records shops, well there not that old but they were around when Dad went to college and that was quite a while ago. Anyway he took me to two of the local record stores, they were so cool the first one we went to was small but was jam packed with vinyls on each side of the room and posters for up and coming gigs/ festivals. Whilst we were there a man came in chatting to the owners saying that they had sold out of his cd. So if any of you budding singers/bands want your music sold, and I mean course you do, maybe have a look for your local record shops get chatting to them you never know. It even had a downstairs with hundreds more vinyls and cd's but we went to the next one instead. So then next up was the huge record shop in the shopping center, It wasn't giant like hmv as in the size of the shop but sure had the most vinyls in, all the music genre's you can imagine they have a vinyl of it. It's great they also had tickets like the other one and these cute mini cd's for 10p -£2 and full LP's on sale. 

Vintage Golden Dior and so much more. Whilst on the subject of vinyls we have been to the local vintage 50's, 60's and 70's shop. I love it for the vintage Dior, Chanel and Yves Saint Lauren as well as the old vinyls and scarfs, ooh its pretty cool you can even get the classic record players like in the 60's films. Those dresses are so tempting. Each time we go in this glittery gold Dior number takes my eye but the price just crushes the dreams of wearing it one day. Kate and Dad love it for the original Adidas clothing and the leather biking jackets, Mum for the jewelry and the fact that we are enjoying ourselves in there it takes us all back but im sure she'd love the dressed like I do. Kate and I share a passion for the shop over the vintage film camera and the little cute things you can find. Another thing I like is the people, from both here and the record shops. Never have I seen so many friendly like-minded people out and about, it's wonderful.

What made you smile this week?

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