Sunday, 2 August 2015

Room Inspiration

This post has come about from looking around the internet for room decorations and well I just couldn't really find much. At the moment my room is a "bit young" and I was thinking to jazz it up and make it look a bit older and less like the pink flowery room I've had for years.

If you want a little glimpse of what my room is like at the moment then either keep reading or check out the next lot of pictures for my photography project.

The white pieces of furniture are the newest addition to my room and include a wooden drawer, a wardrobe, a mirror and a cute little storage box.

From the lack of inspiration I now don't really know what I want my room to be like, but we went to a few decorating home paint shops (without naming them I'm not sure what to call them) to look for ideas and to find some cool wallpaper for my room.

As well as looking for wallpaper for my new room we found some cool bedding and curtains because I've always wanted long flowy curtains.

Along with finding these cool wallpapers we also found little things to go with my room like cushions and painting even some fancy looking lights and some lovely curtains. I'm not really sure what I want my room to look like when it's finished but after checking out what the shops had to offer I'm liking the light blue and greys. A good choice of main colours, I think so at least.

What colour is your bedroom?

 I really liked this bed and the details on the top it's really nice and I haven't found anything like it before. There is nothing wrong with my bed so I knew I could not have this one but lets just admire it. Oh look it even comes with a matching storage space. *Dreams* but they would look so good.

At the end of our little trip to the shops I now can't wait to get my room re-done. Oh and don't worry I'll keep you posted.

What is your bedroom like?

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